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studio marcus kraft





hä? magazine (ongoing)




concept, art direction and design for a quarterly publication. ‹hä?› magazine is published by ‹rotpunkt apotheke› pharmacies and made for young readers, starting at the age of 16 years. every issue adresses one topic about the human body, e.g. ‹tattoos & piercings›, ‹beauty›, etc.

please note:
if you are in switzerland you can get it here for free.

check out haemagazin.ch for an online archive and more.

art directors club switzerland,
gold award
best of corporate publishing,
gold award
type directors club new york,
certificate of typographic excellence
art directors club europe,
type directors club tokyo,


you can browse through an archive with
all issues here

format: 215 × 280 mm
extent: 20 pages
partner: rainer brenner (editor)
photography & illustration:
peter hauser, fabian unternährer, yves suter,
ornella cacace, daniel tischler,
ryan mc ginley, jamie warren, ilg trüb,
beni bischof, svenja plaas, and many more…
client: rotpunkt pharma ag


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