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studio marcus kraft





tableau zurich




concept, curation and graphic design for a contemporary gallery space. ‹tableau zurich› is a new place for visual art in a public area. it is located in the immediate proximity of bellvue, stadelhofen train station and kunsthaus zurich. there are two exhibitions per annum, which are open to the public 365 days a year. tableau is directed and curated by marcus kraft

recent artists:
shirana shahbazi
anton bruhin
olaf breuning
ingo giezendanner (grrrr)
daniele buetti
beat streuli
beni bischof
yves netzhammer
qiu anxiong



stationery and invitation card

no.1: yves netzhammer & qiu anxiong

no.2: beni bischof

no.3: beat streuli

no.4: daniele buetti

no.5: huber.huber

no.7: ingo giezendanner (grrrr)

signage/wayfinding poster

no.8: olaf breuning

no.9: anton bruhin

no.10: shirana shahbazi

tableau poster edition (905 x 1280 mm), available online

responsive website (tableauzurich.org)


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