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studio marcus kraft





zurich tourism




corporate identity for zurich tourism.
the core concept is a flexible logo system comprising the expandable wordmark ‹zürich, switzerland›. it is a ‹story telling logo› that gives the possibilty of infinite logo variations and interplay with various contents.

the design refers to the heyday of swiss graphic design in the 60s, where zurich was one of the hot spots. the custom typeface is based on the original helvetica, the ‹neue haas grotesk› which was drawn by max miedinger in zurich in 1956/57.

visit also the official website zuerich.com

tourist information entrance

custom typeface

business cards with individual tips for zurich


various brochures

zurich card spot

maps in various languages

magazine advertisements

color palette, derived from the tram lines in zurich

official website zuerich.com

design manual

various objects


zurich tourism:
martin sturzenegger (director)
nathalie lüthi (head of marketing)
anita lutz (graphic designer & brand manager)
matthias drabe (team leader online marketing)

creative direction & art direction:
studio marcus kraft

concept & design:
studio marcus kraft in collaboration with atlas studio

rainer brenner (wessinger & peng)

custom typeface:
commercial type

video animation:
josh schaub

web development: 
amazee labs


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